Virtual & Augmented Reality

Virtual & Augmented Reality


Virtual Reality apps allow users to be transported to new, immersive digital worlds and Augmented Reality overlays digital material onto the real world. In both cases, these no longer “emerging” technologies, have exploded in popularity in recent years with countless companies tapping into this new paradigm of digital content. And it’s just the beginning. These technologies will become increasingly more mainstream, more integrated into business plans, and more expected by consumers.

Virtual & Augmented Reality

How it could help you

Our team has been building VR experiences since 2013 when the Oculus Rift DK1 headset first hit the market. Back then, you had to have a super-powerful computer, an awkward headset, and a willing participant to experience virtual reality.

Now with the advancements in web technologies, virtual and augmented reality experiences can be streamed to a user’s phone, meaning no downloads, no expensive hardware, and available anywhere there’s wifi. This means that offering your customers or guests an incredible, immersive experience is easier than ever. Showcasing a new product, training your global staff, engaging with a younger audience, exploring a yet-to-be-built location, engaging potential fundraising donors, gamifying a branded world, and a thousand other business cases have been solved with AR & VR.

The sky is actually limited if you think of everything possible in a virtual world.